Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Here is a poem written by pupil at Parkwood Primary School, inspired by a creative writing session I led last year for "LINKLATERS reading and writing challenge". The theme last year was "My World". I love this poem and feel priviledged to have been part of its creation.

Myself and other poets, authors and illustrators visited schools in Hackney 2010 to deliver workshops in schools there, helping the pupils to be creative and develop their own writing and drawing skills.

Some of the pieces were selected to go into a book "OUR WORLD". I was really excited to see that the overall challenge winners for both the poetry and the drawing catergories came from workshops that I led........HOW WONDERFUL! A real affirmation that I CAN lead inspiring workshops, I say this because sometimes I am not sure how my workshops go down and if I have actually made any impact....so it is really good for me to get such positive feedback!

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