Wednesday, 10 September 2014


A Booktrust scheme to encorage fathers to be storytellers and good parents

At Crossgates Leeds Library encoraging Dads to read to their children 
Catherine Vase, working with Booktrust to run the Leeds Get Dads Reading Hour storytelling workshop, said: “Most new parents experience a lack of confidence around lots of parenting issues, and reading is no different. Impassioning dads about creating, as well as reading, stories is important. Booktrust is forward thinking in its knowledge that only one in eight dads takes the lead with the bedtime read. My pilot sessions build confidence with these dad’s and let them know they have every skill they need to be great storytellers and parents. With the Get Dads Reading Hour workshops, we hope to facilitate all parents, but dads especially, in their inherent desire to give their children a flying start in life. Encouraging a love of books from an early age is a way to do this.”
Photograph by Richard Walker
Photograph by Richard Walker

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